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Chairman’s Speech As the world grapples with the twin challenges of providing ever more energy to sustain progress and repairing the damaged environment, people are realizing that the old way is no longer the right way. Random exploitation, ossified production and low-efficiency energy utilization are in need of urgent reform. The world needs smart new ways of producing energy and that is what ENN is about. A new era that taps the vast resource of human ingenuity to develop innovative methods of producing energy is upon us, and ENN is helping to lead the way. The new norm in energy production aims to allow humanity and nature to once again co-exist in a more harmonious manner.

The coming new era presents opportunities, challenges and responsibilities, which as an independently-owned energy company ENN has embraced. Since its beginning more than 20 years ago, ENN's mission has been to create innovative ways of providing and producing clean energy. We, based on independent technological innovations, are seeking ways to change the energy production and utilization model, and contributing to building modern energy systems and promoting the harmonious development of energy, the economy and the environment.

A journey, of course, starts with a single step. Ours is guided by inspiration and wisdom; a sense of responsibility and the fostering of creativity. As ENN expands, it continues to develop partnerships with likeminded companies in the new energy sector in China and around the world. We are willing to work with anyone who will help us power a better future for society.