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Total assets: US $ 15.95 billion+
2014 revenue: US $ 8.9 billion+
Employees: 35,000

ENN Group is one of the largest private energy companies in China focused on providing cleaner energy to support sustainable growth.

It has a fast growing natural gas business that supplies city gas to more than 152 cities in China, operates the country’s largest private liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling station network and is building the country’s first private LNG receiving terminal in Zhejiang Province. Its gas sales in 2015 were 11.3 billion cubic metres (or 423 pJ).

Across all its businesses, it touches the lives of 65 million people in China and 9 million internationally, primarily through city gas networks in Vietnam and LNG refueling in North America and Europe.

The Group controls and operates more than 300 subsidiaries, employing more than 35,000 people, that are also involved in solar energy, clean coal chemical technology, intelligent and integrated energy systems as well as real estate, culture, health and marine tourism.

Established in 1989 as a natural gas distributor and retailer its strategy today is to grow internationally into a vertically integrated international energy company able to generate returns across the entire natural gas value chain. Phase I of its new Zhoushan LNG Receiving Terminal is expected to be commissioned in mid-2018 with 3 million tons’ annual capacity and further expansion planned. It already has signed long term gas supply deals with Chevron, Total, and Origin to supply half that volume.

Its energy business is primarily managed by two listed subsidiary companies:

DOWNSTREAM: ENN Energy Holdings, listed in Hongkong, runs the Group’s downstream natural gas distribution and marketing operations.

UPSTREAM, MIDSTREAM: ENN Ecological Holdings, listed in Shanghai, is being positioned to run ENN’s upstream and midstream operations and/or interests covering natural gas exploration, production and transmission.

Also listed in Shanghai is Beibu Gulf Tourism Co Ltd which is focused on developing marine tourism including transport, sightseeing, food, accommodation, entertainment and shopping.