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Located in Ejin Horo Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, the Xinneng Mining ’s Wangjiata Coal Mine mainly produces mixed coal and cleaned coal. The coal mine was officially put into operation in 2012 with an annual capacity of 5 million tons.

Natural gas

Xinneng Energy Company Limited has an annual methanol capacity of 600,000 tons. This project enjoys the largest single loan from the World Bank of all the clean energy projects in Inner Mongolia; it is also one of the coal-based methanol units with the largest single production capacity constructed in China and boasts stable and high-yield technology systems.

Dimethyl ether

Xinneng (Zhangjiagang) has a dimethyl ether production capacity of 200,000 tons per year; Xinneng (Bengbu) has a dimethyl ether production capacity of 20,000 tons per year.

Energy Research Institute

With advanced silicon thin-film production technology and a more environmentally friendly production process, ENN provides high-efficiency and low-cost EST series thin-film solar products with a wide application range and has an automatic silicon thin-film photovoltaic module production line with an annual production capacity of 70 MW and an annual production of 130 thousand 5.7m2 solar panels;
Main features:

Large size – with a maximum area of 5.7m2, and a variety of specifications available as needed.
Good adaptability to high temperatures – with a lower temperature coefficient than crystalline silicon products.

Good low-light power generation – in conditions of low light or scattered light, its annual power generation is higher than crystalline silicon of equivalent power.

Stable power generation - the output power of products will not fall below 90% of rated power within 10 years, and not below 80% within 25 years.

Ovation Group

Adhering to the cultural concept of a "flourishing cultural legacy, spreading throughout the world", Ovation Group was founded in 2012, with total assets over 6 billion RMB ... Three core functions:

Energy efficiency monitoring

Field equipment is remotely managed through human-computer interaction to enable on-site data collection, the issuing of control instructions, real-time and historical data processing, false alarms, logic control, statistical analysis and other functions.

Energy efficiency management

The monitoring of energy efficiency and energy consumption and the analysis of historical data on the energy station and its terminal can provide intuitive data display for operation management personnel. The operator can conduct overall control optimization through energy efficiency and subsystem interaction in both manual and automatic modes to improve system energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency optimization

Overall optimization control can be conducted on on-site equipment at the energy station through analysis of service data, by using functions such as dynamic load forecasting, real-time optimization and model parameters self-learning, to improve the system energy efficiency of the energy station.