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We enable the construction and operation of your community in a smarter, safer, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner!

We enable integrated planning and arrangement for power, thermal power, gas and distributed energy resources. Based on the concept of system energy efficiency and Ubiquitous Energy technology, we set up tailor-made Ubiquitous Energy System for parks, which is capable of optimizing the utilization of various energies in an efficient and smart way.

Demonstration Project: Ubiquitous Energy Planning in Zhaoqing New DistrictZhaoqing, Guangdong Province

Project Background:National urban green ecological demonstration zone with an area of 115km2 which will bears function such as administration, ecological protection, residence, shopping, education, sports, travel, leisure, commerce exhibition and logistics.

Our Service: ENN formulated the Energy Development Planning for local government and proposed energy infrastructure construction arrangement.

The renewable energy utilization rate reaches 25.08%.
The coal consumption is 0.
The proportion of renewable energy in the power grid is not less than 41%.
The proportion of green transport is not less than 65%.
The proportion of green buildings used in public buildings is not less than 90%.
Energy network coverage rate is not less than 90%

Demonstration Project: Energy Planning Project in Sino-German Eco-park Qingdao, Shandong Province

Total Area: 11.56km2
Our Service: to provide design, planning, construction, energy management and future operation for the park.
The comprehensive energy utilization efficiency is 80.8%.
The energy-saving rate of the overall system reaches 50.7%.
The building energy conservation rate is 65%.
The CO2 emission reduction rate is 64.6%.
The SO2 emission reduction rate is 86.1%..
The NOX emission reduction rate is 70.8%. The dust emission reduction rate is 81.5%.

Demonstration Project: Energy Planning Project for Dingxiang Lake New TownShenyang, Liaoning Province

Total Area: 32.5km2
Our Service: ENN formulated a Clean Energy Concept Program for the New Town of Dingxiang Lake and set up a smart hybrid energy system to achieve cross-regional and cross-industry energy monitoring, optimization and allocation.
Annual standard coal consumption reduction: 19,560 ton
Annual CO2 emission reduction: 48,910 ton
Annual SO2 emission reduction: 320 ton
Annual emission reduction of smoke dust: 190 ton
Renewable energy utilization rate: 4%