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Beibu Gulf Tourism Company Ltd. is committed to providing customers with high-quality marine tourism experience, with the goal of becoming a commonly respected enterprise in China's health tourism industry.

The company is mainly engaged in marine tourism transportation and tourism services at Beibu Gulf. So far, it has developed into a comprehensive tourism service provider integrating organization, hospitality services, sightseeing, offshore tourism and transportation, and tourism projects development and operation, providing tourists with high quality comprehensive tourism services including “transportation, sightseeing, food, accommodation, entertainment and shopping”.

The marine tourism transportation fleet now owns 7 high speed passenger ferries, 3 ro-ro passenger ferries and 1 regular passenger ferry, with a total passenger space of over 5000 seats. Presently, the company has developed 4 marine tourism routes including Beihai – Weizhou Island, Beihai– Haikou, Yantai – Changdao and Penglai – Changdao, and another two routes namely Weizhou Island – Xieyang Island and Beihai – Ha Long Bay of Vietnam are under development. The company is one of the largest marine tourism companies in the Beibu Gulf area with the strongest carrying capacity and most marine tourism routes. In the recent years, the company has introduced a series of moves including adding new tourism transportation ships, optimizing departure arrangement, exploiting internal potential and increasing efficiency, integrating external resources and straightening the tourism industrial chain, which as a result has continuously increased the operation revenue and sustained profitability of its tourism business.