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Ovation Real Estate Group, established in 1994, is one of the important business focuses of its parent company ENN Group. With years of efforts on real estate development and construction in a number of provinces and cities, the company has completed many high-end residential projects, feature hotels and theme parks such as Golden Elephant Hotel, Ovation Hotel, ENN Science Park, etc. Ovation Real Estate Group now has an asset of 6 billion Yuan RMB and over 1200 employees.

Upholding the corporate vision of “improving living environment and enhancing life quality” of ENN Group, Ovation Real Estate Group is dedicated to become one of the top-ranking developer and operator of health industry new towns. It is establishing a standard system of health residential products with its abundant research results in energy planning, ecology environment, energy-saving technologies, health-related services, etc. to provide its customers with residential products with high-quality indoor and outdoor environment and health-related facilities. Moreover, it integrates Ovation’s unique culture, health and tourism resources to form a whole service chain that enables interaction of both online and offline, and inside and outside of the residential community.

Presently, Ovation Real Estate is building with all its strength the Dream-Langfang Cultural industry park and the Gu’an Shangshui Yiyuan Health maintenance base with an aim of building a top-ranking health residential community with livable ecological environment, good cultural taste and well-equipped health facilities. Meanwhile, other health residential projects including the Shangshan Yiyuan and the Lanting Yaju are also under construction.