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Ovation Health Group is a subsidiary under the “Ovation” brand of ENN Group. With its mission of “reducing the chances for people to get ill” and its vision of building the best health service platform in the world, Ovation Health Group answers the yearning of the family customers for better life qualities and endeavors to build a service platform for health management, leisure, healthcare and health community. Based on O2O, this platform is built with independent research and development, model innovation and integration of cutting-edge health service resources. Targeted on the sub-healthy population and people in rehabilitation, Ovation Health Group is dedicated to building a massive health service ecosphere to provide the customers with health service solutions on the basis of whole-body, whole-lifecycle and whole-family.

Its core value is: “Chinese medicine as the fundamental structure and western medicine as the supplement”. With its Health Research Institute, Health Management Company and Qixiu Hotel, the group is developing digitized diagnosis and treatment skills and products, establishing health service systems and developing featured products.