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Adhering to the cultural concept of a "flourishing cultural legacy, spreading throughout the world", Ovation Group was founded in 2012, with total assets over 6 billion RMB and more than 2,200 employees. It has positioned itself as a constructor and operator of world-class cultural and healthy new cities that explores world classical culture, integrates Eastern and Western culture and wisdom, and develops and promotes the beauty of culture, with its businesses covering cultural creations, health care and base construction.

Inspired by classical culture, with diversified artistic expressions as its carrier, and driven by Chinese classical culture, the cultural creation sector plans and designs cultural experience projects, creates musical dramas, and carries out the investment and management of artworks, gallery operation, services for artists and collectors, development and sales of arts derivatives, etc.

With Ovation Health Institute, Elephant Hotel, Ovation VIP Hotel and the Top-class Golf Club at its core, and by adhering to the seven theories of cultivation (virtue, physic, food, reading, incense, music, and flower cultivation), the company provides people with an avenue to condition their bodies and minds and leads a new fashion in healthy lifestyles.

Based on the construction of "Dream Langfang" Cultural Creative Park and Ovation (Gu'an) Seven Cultivation Health Care and Preservation Base, the base construction sector transmits culture and creation in building and space, to create a first-class cultural and healthy new city.