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Underground gasification coal mining technology refers to the process to conduct controlled combustion and gasification on the underground coal to generate combustible gas through thermal and chemical actions on coal. This technology integrates shaft building, coal mining and gasification and can produce low-cost industrial gas and chemical synthesis feed gas, while ash, gangue, etc., are left underground which achieves clean coal mining. The technology has many advantages such as safety, high efficiency, low environmental impact, etc.

ENN was the earliest enterprise in China to industrialize underground coal gasification technology. It established a gasified coal mining industrialization demonstration base in Ulan Qab, Inner Mongolia which successfully started gas production and power generation in June, 2009 with a daily gas production up to 300,000 m3 and accumulative generated electricity of over 4,700,000 KWh. At present, this technology has realized continuous and stable gasification air and oxygen-enriched carbon dioxide, and the 2# gasification furnace has achieved continuous production for 30 months. The gas production scale of gasification furnaces can be adjusted, with the daily productivity of a single furnace up to 500,000 m3. The calorific value of gas can be adjusted among 800 to 1950 kcal/Standard volume as per the product usage. The energy exchange efficiency of coal can reach 60%.

Presently, ENN has established a packaged technology with proprietary intellectual property rights including location selection, shaft building, stable gasification, environmental modification, etc., and a technical base for industrialization enlargement.