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COG to LNG technology refers to produce LNG with over 99% volume fraction of methane with high-pressure purification, methanation and cryogenic liquefaction processing of COG. This technology can convert oxycarbides and hydrogen in COG to harmless and market-demanded products with high economic efficiency, and has opened up a new way for obtaining natural gas resources.

There are multiple ways of utilization for COG. The energy transformation ratio of COG to LNG is over 64%. It has a huge market capacity for its products, and can cogenerate hydrogen. Advantages of this technology include small investment, high multipurpose utilization ratio of products and high economic efficiency. Moreover, it is in accordance with the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies and is a new technology encouraged by the government.

Presently, the Henan Jingbao COG to LNG project is in stable operation since its successfully commissioning in May 2013, with a designed capacity of 300,000 m3 LNG daily production. It is the first COG to LNG unit under stable operation for over one year in China and a model project on long period stable operation. Besides, Tangshan Guye COG to LNG project, Qujing Yuntou COG to LNG project and Hegang Jiarun Energy Co. Ltd. COG to LNG project has all been put into operation.