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The Ubiquitous Energy Network is a new type of energy Internet and a solution for modern energy systems that utilizes energy resources and information technology and efficiently integrates the energy networks, the Internet of Things and the Internet. It has changed the conventional energy utilization model by significantly improving the energy utilization efficiency and reducing PM2.5 emissions, which can help achieve energy conservation, environmental protection and consumption reduction.

UEN is composed by a three-layer network structure consisting of the energy layer, the control layer and the mutual intelligence layer. Its core system composition includes the UE machine, the UE station, the UE efficiency platform, and the UE cloud platform. The UE machine can achieve multisource input of multiple fossil fuels, renewable energy sources, environmental potential energy resources, etc., and multi-grade energy output of gas, power, cooling, heating, etc. The UE station and UE platform can improve energy utilization efficiency to over 85% compared to that of the traditional separate generation of heat, power and cold which is around 40% to 60% through gradient utilization of fuel chemical energy and the transmission gain of environmental potential energy. Based on big data and cloud computing, the UE cloud platform can discover value exchange opportunities, provide services including operation, maintenance, trading, data, etc. and maximize value of energy and resources.