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Catalytic coal gasification is one of the most effective processes for synthetic natural gas, in which coal reacts with catalyst in a reactor, resulting in reactions including coal gasification and methanation. The technology can significantly improve methane productivity and systemic energy efficiency.

The technology has broad market prospect and social benefit on efficient and clean utilization of coal and air pollution prevention with remarkable advantages including: 1) wide adaptability to various kinds of coal including bituminous coal, subbituminous coal, brown coal, etc.; 2) high energy utilization efficiency by adopting classific conversion technologies that integrate pyrolysis, catalytic gasification and combustion of coal during which the thermal efficiency can reach 72% which is 10% higher than conventional technologies. While improving the productivity of methane, it can also reduce carbon emission; 3) significantly improved economic efficiency by cogeneration of methane and tar; 4) environmentally friendliness with no wastewater discharge issues as the technology adopts indirect condensation for cooling coal gas which doesn’t generate tar-containing wastewater and the decomposed water in the furnace will be used for recycling of catalyst.