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Original start and energy focus
  • 1994

    Upgraded vision: To become a promoter of the Modern Energy System and a respected global clean energy company.

  • 1993

    ENN enters the clean energy distribution sector with the incorporation of ENN Langfang Gas Co., Ltd.

  • 1989

    ENN officially starts its pioneering course as its first enterprise, Langfang Xiali Car Rental Company, is incorporated.

Expanding over China
  • 2003

    ENN acquires Hebei Veyong Bio-chemical Co., Ltd., (600803.SH) entering the bio-chemical sector.

  • 2001

    ENN subsidiary, Xinao Gas Holdings Ltd., is listed on the Growth Enterprises Market in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and then transferred to the main market (2688.HK).

  • 1999

    ENN develops gas utilities through mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures. Within over a decade ENN is providing clean burning gas to more than 55 million households in more than 100 cities in China.

  • 1998

    “Hebei ENN Group Co., Ltd.” officially becomes “ENN Group Co., Ltd.” in December 1998.

  • 1997

    Hebei ENN Group Co., Ltd., is established after corporate restructuring.

Industrial upgrade enabling overall layout of clean energy strategy
  • 2007

    ( 1 ) ENN Launches its new brand image.
    ( 2 ) ENN enters the solar energy sector and builds ENN Solar Energy Production Base. The first super-large, low-coat, high conversion, 5.7m2 silica-based thin film solar panel was launched successfully in 2008 all over the world.
    ( 3 ) The topic on CO2 recycling was proposed. “C” refers to both “Cycling” and “Carbon”, and “C-economy and intelligent” refers to a gradually formed technical development concept centered on CO2 recycling, for purposes of developing a recycling economy and realizing coal-based clean energy throughout its full life cycle.

  • 2006

    ( 1 ) ENN Research and Development Co., Ltd., was incorporated, began technical research and development centered on CO2 recycling and built a world leading low-carbon technology system for clean energy production from coal and 'systems energy efficiency' technologies.
    ( 2 ) ENN Research Institute was incorporated.

  • 2004

    For meeting diversified customer needs, ENN (formerly Xinao Gas) starts seeking an innovative business pattern by upgrading its businesses from simple gas sales to comprehensive clean energy distribution. ENN enters the energy chemical sector by establishing coal chemical production bases in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, for the development and production of coal-based clean energy products.

Innovative technologies for new intelligent energy
  • 2013

    Upgraded vision: To become a promoter of the Modern Energy System and a respected global clean energy company.

  • 2012

    A number of energy service projects in Shanghai, Changsha, Changzhou, Qingdao and other regions help to realize energy conservation and emission reduction targets in cities. ENN speeds up international expansion, sets up investment companies overseas, and explores clean transportation energy, integrated solar energy solutions, the construction of smart ecological cities and other businesses in the American, European and other international markets.

  • 2011

    ENN Smart Energy Group was formed in 2011, providing customers with integrated clean energy solutions and promoting energy conservation and emission reductions.

  • 2010

    The State Key Laboratory of Coal-based Low Carbon Energy was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Biomass energy, catalytic gasification, underground gasification and many other projects were listed in the 863, 973 and national key S&T corporation program.

  • 2009

    ENN Energy Service Co., Ltd., was established and began fully promoting energy conservation and emission reductions relying on its clean energy industrial base and leading technologies.

  • 2008

    ENN’s coal-based clean energy “zero-emission” production pilot plant was set up for constructing the coal-based clean energy test platform, proposing a systematic energy technology system, and researching and developing Ubiquitous Energy Network technology and clean energy cycling production technology.