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ENN Energy Research Institute focuses on R&D of coal-based low-carbon energy technology, renewable energy technology, environmental technology and Ubiquitous Energy Network technology and provides technical support for ENN’s integrated clean energy solutions.

The Institute is certified as a State Key Laboratory for Coal-Based Low-Carbon Energy of China, a Post-Doctoral Working Station and International Science and Technology Cooperation Center. The Institute cooperates extensively with top universities, international research institutes and companies to promote clean energy, energy conservation and emission reduction technologies.

With a core R&D team of over 400 employees, the institute has participated in over 30 national and international projects in China’s 973 Program, 863 Program and other national science and technology programs. By the end of 2014, we have more than 790 patents applied and 370 granted.

Our Technologies:

Catalytic Coal Gasification
Hydro Gasification
Underground Gasification
Supercritical Gasification
Microalgae Carbon Sequestration Technology
High Efficiency Solar Energy Conversion Technology;
Supercritical Sludge Treatment Technology
Wastewater Treatment Technology
Ubiquitous Energy Network
Ubiquitous Energy Station
Ubiquitous Energy Efficiency Platform.