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As a responsible enterprise, ENN is clearly aware of its own economic, social and environmental responsibilities, and adopts practical methods and approaches to fulfill its obligations.

Economic Responsibility:Compliance with business ethics, the concept of integrity management, and legal tax payment are ENN’s minimum requirements for its own economic activities.

ENN continuously enhances its corporate strength to ensure healthy development, offer customers high quality service, expand employment opportunities in society and create more opportunities for personnel development, as well as promote ordered industrial development through its own institutional innovation and regulated management. These embody the company’s economic responsibilities and are also the prerequisite and basis for ENN to fulfill its social and environmental responsibilities.

Since it was established more than 20 years ago, ENN has closely aligned its growth with China’s development strategy. It has witnessed a year-by-year increase in terms of scale, economic benefit, tax amount and number of employees, and made due contributions to the development of the regional economy, employment increase, and the promotion of upgrading and adjustment of the industrial structure.
Social Responsibility:We are enthusiastic about public welfare and, based on our own characteristics, give priority to energy security and utilization, education, disaster relief and improvement of rural communities as our major involvement in public welfare. Each branch has a responsibility to discover the needs of its local community and take specific measures to help them solve problems and become a good neighbor and partner.
Environmental Responsibility:The best approach to environmental protection is to improve energy utilization and efficiency through technological innovation. ENN constantly explores and develops new approaches and new methods for energy diversification and high-efficiency energy, actively researches and develops, produces and promotes clean energy related products, and seeks energy solutions conducive to sustainable environmental development to achieve wide ranging environmental protection.

Through the construction of an urban gas distribution network, ENN actively promotes the refueling of gas-fueled vehicles to provide clean energy for urban traffic. From 1999 to 2013, ENN energy had promoted an accumulated natural gas consumption of around 28.6 billion cubic meters, which saved (substituted for) 35.14 million tons of standard coal, reduced 33.87 million tons of CO2 emissions, 760,000 tons of SO2 emissions and 490,000 tons of nitrogen oxides emissions.

We attach great importance to environmental responsibility in the construction and production process and have implemented and promoted a management system based on "health, safety and the environment (HSE)" to maintain environmental protection, worker health and safety awareness throughout every stage of production operations for the active promotion of intrinsic safety.
Employee Responsibility:We consider employees as business partners, protect their interests, explore their potential, respect and guide their career development planning, create a positive cultural atmosphere and provide them adequate space for career development, working together to achieve the common development of employees and the company.

We provide equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of race, nationality, gender, religion or other factors, and hold tolerant attitudes toward diversity to demonstrate ENN's own philosophy. We firmly believe that diverse backgrounds and experiences will help strengthen our team and enrich our culture.
Partners:We insist on cooperation and competition with partners based on equality and mutual benefit, and the pursuit of win-win and value sharing. Compliance with business ethics is not only our own requirement, but also a primary criterion for selection of partners. We are willing to work together with owners to facilitate industrial norms and orderly development.