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  • ENN – Inspiring ProjectThe project focuses on energy conservation and environmental protection, advocates the low-carbon concept throughout society, and supports scientific research on environmental protection and practical application of environmental protecting technologies to promote the development of environmental protection, and strive to improve the human living environment.

  • ENN – School BuildingThe project assists poverty-stricken areas by constructing new primary schoolhouses or affiliated facilities (such as laboratories, libraries, student dormitories) to improve educational conditions.

  • ENN – Inspiring ProjectENN Scholarship and Grants was established to award good students and subsidize poverty-stricken students according to actual needs to encourage them to foster aspirations and realize their value.

  • ENN – Quality ImprovingCentered on improving people's quality, this project carries out training and featured activities for people who require self-improvement in the fields of education and technology, to cultivate high-quality talent.