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At ENN Human Resources we believe great careers attract great people and a creative environment inspires success. We offer both: a chance to advance and a nurturing climate in which to succeed.

ENN Human Resources is constantly on lookout for new talent. We seek capable, proven professionals who are committed to their fields. We are looking for team players who can help grow the company, while improving their own skills and knowledge.

ENN values its human resources above all. Our 25,000 employees are truly the pride of our company and the source of our success. ENN Human Resources has gone to great lengths to recruit world-class engineers, scientists, technicians and managers. ENN offers highly competitive compensation and employee benefit packages. We also recognize achievement with opportunities for advancement. ENN Human Resources doesn’t just hire people we invest in them, by providing opportunities for professional development and skills training. ENN’s myriad of companies is primarily focused on the development and delivery of clean energy. If you share our commitment to providing new and creative ways of producing cleaner energy, than we just might have a job for you.

ENN Human Resources seeks bona fide professionals in the following fields:

Mechanical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Information Technologies
Laboratory Sciences