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In 2012 China Charity Award 2011 – Enterprise with Greatest Love; Top Ten Charitable Enterprises in the Ninth China’s Philanthropy List; ENN Public Charitable Foundation was awarded as a 5A-level Social Organization, the first 5A-level non-public offering foundation in Hebei. In 2011China Charity Award 2010 – Enterprise with Greatest Love; Mr. Wang Yusuo was granted with “the Star of Public Charity” award. In 2010Hebei’s Most Socially Responsible Enterprise; “Ten Thousand Chinese Citizens’ Low Carbon Action Commitment Activity” was elected among the “China Annual Charity Events 2010”; Global Charity Enterprise Award. In 2009China Charity Award 2009 – Domestic Enterprise with Greatest Love; China Charity Outstanding Contribution Award (Enterprise); Mr. Wang Yusuo was granted with the “Guangcai Program Outstanding Contribution Award”; Mr. Wang Yusuo was voted in the “60 Influential Philanthropists for Chinese Charity”; Hope Project 20 Years Outstanding Contribution Award. In 2008Mr. Wang Yusuo was awarded the title “China Charity Award 2008 – Donation Individual with Greatest Love”; China Charity List 2008 – Top Ten Charity Enterprises; Guangcai and Happy Charity Ambassador award 2008. In 2007Mr. Wang Yusuo was granted with the “Charity Entrepreneur Gold Award of Hebei”; Charity Enterprise Gold Award of Hebei. In 2006China Charity Award 2006 – China Charity Outstanding Contribution Award. In 2005Initial China Charity Award.